Friday, January 13, 2012

Shine 2.0

In this tut I'll show how to add some shine, or sometimes called web 2.0, glossy, gel.
 First you will need a selection to work with. A simple circle, filled with red for this one.
 Next you will want to add some contrast. I used the method used here: A pumpkin from paths.
 After you create a contrast layer add another transparent layer, set its mode to screen.
 Now lets get the gradient tool ready by selecting the default gradient.
 Then on the new transparent layer, use the circle tool to make an oblong circle close to the top center of the red circle. With the selection in place go back to the gradient tool, and click on the bottom of the selection, then drag to the top of the selection and release. Might want to do a better job of making the line straight than I did.
 For another shape get the rectangle tool, make a selection. You can use the rounded corner function located under selections. Add your contrast just as you did with the previous shape.
Next duplicate the layer with the shape, we are going to use it as a mask for a selection.
Take the rectangle tool, and make a selection about 1/4 from the top of the image. As shown below.
We don't want whats in the part that's in the selection, so delete that part, and release the selection.
 On the duplicate layer do an alpha to selection over in the layers dialog.
You can delete the layer. Then add a new transparent layer on top, set its mode to screen, just as we did for the red circle. Be sure you keep the partial selection.
 On the screen layer you can shrink the selection, two is good.
 Now just as we did on the previous example, get the gradient tool, and lay a gradient just as you did before. Bottom to top.
 When you merge the layers be sure to merge from the base up, I.E. first merge the multiply layer down onto the green part, then the screen layer down onto that.

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