Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gui elements: The Radio button

Creating a graphical user interface in Gimp

Part 7: The Radio Button

It's another type of toggle, but its has multiple uses visually.

Step 1:

On a transparent layer,  create a circle with the circle tool and fill it with Tango Aluminium 2.
This one was 32x32.

Step 2:

To simplify things we'll use the Morph selection script to create a new smaller black circle on a different layer. Be sure and set the blur to 30.

Step 3:

Get the selection of the new layer> alpha to selection.

Step 4:

Add a new transparent layer above that one.

Step 5:

Go back to the "rounded" layer, and merge it down onto the background.
Make sure to keep your selection.

Step 6:

Go back to the top layer and fill the selection on it with Chameleon 1.
You now have all the parts you need, however, I suggest making a few different exports from what you have.
First autocrop both layers.
Then export just the background. (delete the top layer, autocrop the image> export)
After that, undo till you have the top layer back, and do the reverse. (delete the background layer, autocrop the image> export)
Finally undo again until the background is back, then merge the top layer down, autocrop the image, and export once again.
This will give you the different parts that can be used in other ways besides just a radio button.
I'll show you what, and how in the next tutorial.

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